From a humble beginning of 14 interior lighting fixtures in its first catalog in 1934. Hinkley lighting has expanded to be one of the largest and well now lighting manufactures. Offering a wide variety of styles including mid-century modern, traditional, contemporary, period and restoration themes. They have also expanded the line to include a large selection of landscape lighting and outdoor lights. That come in a wide variety of options like energy star rated, dark sky and LED. What ever your design style is, we are sure that you would find the perfect Hinkley lighting fixture for your home.

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About Hinkley Lighting Lighting - Designer Chandeliers, Outdoor Lighting, Landscape Lighting, and Vanity Lights

Since it's early beginnings in 1922, Hinkley Lighting has boldly introduced new ways of lighting your world. Today is no exception, as they strive to bring the very latest that the lighting industry's progressive technology has to offer. This is clearly evidenced in their superior outdoor product line-up, which includes all of their outdoor wall lights, post lights, and their incomparable landscape lighting collection.

Whether you are changing up your current landscaping or laying out an entire post new- construction plan, adding landscape lighting to your layout will not only transform your lawn and garden aesthetics and increase safety, but it will also add value to your home. An amazing transformation is achievable with Hinkley outdoor lights.

As one drives through neighborhoods on a leisurely summer evening, the homes that really stand out are beautified with landscaping that is tastefully lit with path, accent, and landscape spot lights. Path lights will create a safer environment, brightening any walkway so that it is more visible. Accent lights come in a range of sizes and their uses vary according to the size. Generally accent lights are used to accentuate the more interesting features of your landscape, such as ornamental trees or shrubbery, a statue or water feature. Landscape spot lights can be used in a much broader sense, perhaps to highlight outstanding architectural features of the home. Other types of lighting include deck, and step or brick lighting. Enhancing your landscaping by installing landscape lighting adds curb appeal, taking your home to a whole new level.

Hinkley Lighting has landscape lighting in 120v, low-voltage as well as LED, giving you a broad range of possibilities to choose from. As you assess your landscape lighting layout, the various choices offered will help you plan a course of action. Once there, you can choose the type of lighting that will be best for your plan. Typically 120v landscape lighting is used in a more commercial type setting. There has to be pre-planning for buried cable, piping and wiring. Low-voltage landscape lighting has been the landscapers standard for years because of cost efficiency and ease of installation. LED is relatively new, but has definite advantages in that bulb burnout is done away with, and it is energy-efficient.

Their design team has fully integrated the exterior and landscape lighting they offer into a harmonious union. Each decorative landscape light is completely complementary with their outdoor wall lights, both in design and finish. From the ordinary to extraordinary, Hinkley Lights can take you there.