Add a unique flair to the design of your home with Minka Lavery lighting.With distinctive lighting designs in their outdoor lighting collections to their elegant chandeliers. They offer a unique style for everyone. We are proud to be an authorized retailer for all the Minka Group brands.

Most homes are designed to be admired. Unfortunately, most homes aren't equipped with the proper lighting to truly let that beauty shine such as the fixtures from Minka Lavery. Lighting is a very important part of any home. The right lighting can make a family room feel warm and inviting. Outdoor lighting can draw attention to features that might not have ever been noticed otherwise. Vanity lights can add layers of beauty inside a home. There are many different types of fixture to choose from, each with their own style and charm the fits perfectly with the appropriate decor.

Classic style fixtures from Minka Lavery aren't limited to over-sized chandeliers or wall sconces. Newer fixtures that come in a variety of shapes and sizes come in more classic to suit the decor. Larger fixtures are great for rooms such as the dining area or even in the kitchen. Bright lights that cover the entire room are a great way to make the whole family feel welcome during meal time or for social gatherings. Smaller fixtures along the walls or specific areas in those same rooms can provide more intimate lighting for quiet evening or midnight snacks. Most classical styled fixtures are intended for indoor use, but some outdoor lighting can have a more classic style.

Modern fixtures have the benefit of fitting into almost any decor. While some pieces are intended for more dramatic decor, most modern style fixtures are subtle enough to suit any room. Curved overhead fixtures are great for bedrooms, bathrooms, the foyer, and even the living room. Modern chandeliers come in a variety of styles and sizes to suit even the most luxurious dining room. It's important to remember that there is such as thing as too big of a chandelier. The ideal size is found by adding the length and width of a room and converting the measurement to inches used to measure the width of the chandelier intended for the room. If the width of the Chandelier exceeds the recommended size a smaller fixture should be chosen.

More stylish fixtures such as drum pendant lighting is perfect for social areas in a home. The bar in a home is made much more intimate with the addition of stylish fixtures. A softer light lends itself to the mood of a room. Adding an adjustable switch make it easier to set the mood, but only with the right fixture. IN a living room or den a simple overhead light with a dimmer switch is ideal for movie night, but not so much for a small gathering of friends for drinks. More subtle lighting makes it easier to soften the mood and make everyone feel welcome and comfortable.

When choosing lighting for a home the choice of style is very important. Not only is it important to choose fixtures that match the decor, they need to fit with the home itself. How light is delivered in a home is a matter of how the fixtures are installed. With manufacturers such as Minka Lavery it's easy to choose fixtures that do more than match the decor, they can bring it to life. The right lighting is what makes a home feel like home and remind everyone in the family just how beautiful their home really is.