Murray Feiss lighting paves the way when it comes to fashion forward lighting designs. With rich finishes and glass that is as stylish as their fixture designs, They continue to be asked for by many architects and designers alike. With everything from unique drum pendant lighting to sleek modern ceiling lights, their unique lighting fixtures will bring a custom look to your home. If you have any questions on Feiss Lighting, you can contact one of our highly skilled customer service reps and they can help you with any questions you have.

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About Feiss Lighting - Chandeliers, Outdoor Lighting, Wall Lighting & Ceiling Lighting

Feiss lighting is know for unique finishes and styles in all types of lighting. The manufacturer has provided diverse and affordable lighting fixtures, wall mounts, lamps, exterior lighting, and more for sixty years. Finishes include many variations for metals, colors, and textures. Polished, oil rubbed, burnished, and brushed, are just a few examples of finishes for bronze, chrome, silver, brass, and nickel. Colors include many choices of shades in blues, oranges, pinks, yellows, grays, and whites. Neon, matte, high gloss, and antique are some variations. Other finishes include brick and silver leaf patina.


Traditional, vintage, and modern styles are present in several collections. Sleek, Art Deco, and restoration lighting are also featured, along with some whimsical styles as well. Collections include Cumberland, Kincaid, Sunset Drive, and Malia. Their collections encompass every aspect of lighting for every room in the home. Vanity lighting, mini pendants, and wall accents are designed for the bathroom, kitchen, hallway, and living room. Lamps of all types can be found at budget friendly pricing. Desk, table, task, floor, swing arm, and buffet lamps are all available.

Wall lights include sconces, bar and track lighting, recessed lighting, and interior spot lighting. Wall mounted corner lights, lamps, and lanterns provide focal points for a room, as well as extra lighting. Some designs are more works of art than lighting fixtures. Sphere chandeliers, drum styles, and mini chandeliers are some examples of ceiling lighting styles available. Linear suspension lighting can also be found, as well as Tiffany styles.

Outdoor Lighting:

The diversity of styles extends to the outdoor lighting featured by this company. In addition to classic lighting, like lanterns, posts, address lighting, and porch lights, styles include central lighting as well. Large pendants, chandeliers, and drum styles add elegance to any patio, deck or outdoor kitchen. Feiss also creates beautiful dark sky lighting. Dark sky lighting is comprised of styles that direct lighting downward to decrease light pollution in the night sky. Urban sprawl diminishes the natural glow of the moon and stars by adding bright light into the sky. It also alters the habitat and natural instincts of nocturnal creatures.

Shaded lights, covered posts, and recessed landscape lighting provides enough light for safety and security, but does not create bright light that is intrusive. Colored shades, old-style carriage lanterns, and muted sconces provide light and add style to the exterior so homeowners can entertain well into the night, or enjoy relaxing evening in the pool. It is fun, functional, safe, and does not contribute to light pollution. Dark sky lighting is also energy-efficient, so utility bills do not soar out of control.

With so very many options for lighting designs, types, and styles, it is difficult to get an idea of all that is available when shopping at home improvement stores, department stores, or even lighting stores. Physical stores of any size lack the space to display all the possibilities. Our online lighting store can provide visuals for thousands of lighting options from dozens of manufacturers. Pricing is low due to volume business, time and money is saved by not having to travel to several stores, and shipping is either at a flat rate or free after spending a certain dollar amount. The perfect lighting fixture is delivered right to your door.