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Mini Pendant Lighting

A great way to spruce up your drab kitchen is to add new mini pendant lighting. Mini pendants are perfect for Kitchen islands over over a sink area. Some of the new design trends have taken a more modern turn, and you can find all the newest modern and contemporary styles and designs right here. Mini pendants are adjustable to any height ceiling and can be mounted over kitchen islands to provide light for meal preparation, dining, homework, or just hanging out. You will be amazed how much improvement and satisfaction can come from upgrading your mini pendant lights to something new and stylish.

Modern Mini Pendant Lighting
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Mini Pendant Lighting

Mini Pendants are a great way to light up specific places in your home. Some of those locations include over a kitchen island, above a sink, work spaces, at the sides of a bed, or over dinette table. When using pendants over an island its best to use them in multiples. A design tip would be to use them in odd numbers, usually 3 or sometimes 5 if the island is large enough. The only time you should use them in even numbers is if they are large enough to cover the space. For example, using 2 pendants over an island that are 15"-18" wide would look good compared to using 2 mini pendants that are only 7-9" wide. In that case you would use 3 of the smaller ones to cover the same area. A rising trend in the design world is using pendants at the sides of a bed, usually as a replacement for table lamps. Hanging them low over the side tables creates a dramatic effect. Another common place to use a mini pendant is above a kitchen sink. Usually a standard flush mount fixture or recessed can is common in this area, and by using a mini pendant you add a very nice touch of design and interest where there wasn't any. One place in the home that is gathering momentum is above a dinette or dining room table. Several manufacturers have created very unique mounting canopies that you can attach up to 6 or more pendants from. It's a very creative way to make a big impression.-------
Mini Pendant Lighting come in about every shape and size you can think of and all design styles. Modern pendants are very much the rage these days. With design trends moving toward a more simple and clean look, mini pendants are a great way to add some flare. The glass choices are endless with very colorful patterns and shapes that almost defy logic. If you're looking for a more traditional look, thousand's of options are available, and again, in any color, shape or size you want. Mini pendant Lights are a great way to add light and style to that special place in your home.