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Kitchen Lighting

One the most important rooms in the home, if not the most important, is the Kitchen. In today's modern families, the kitchen is the social gathering place of the home, more time is spent there during waking hours than any other room. So if it's the most important room then it stands to reason that you would want the lighting in that room to be the best, right? Lighting a kitchen properly is something that should not be overlooked and you should consult a professional before tackling it yourself.

Let's start with the general lighting of the Kitchen itself. These days home builders and electricians are all about the recessed can. It's easy and quick to install, inexpensive, and it provides a great amount of light. Not all places in the home should have recessed lighting, but the kitchen is one of the places I would say yes! But, you must do it correctly, because if you don't, you will be utterly sorry. If your electrician says to you, "oh I'll just place six of these can evenly in your kitchen space", you should probably find another electrician. All recessed lighting should be placed strategically around the kitchen, not in rows like a runway. Here are my tips for kitchen lighting with recessed cans, and there's only two. 1. Place the cans about 2-3 apart from each other. 2. Place the can 12" away from the upper cabinets. This puts the can directly over the edge of the counter and work space and not behind you creating shadows. That's it! If you follow those 2 rules, your kitchen lights will be amazing.

The next thing we need to talk about is Kitchen light fixtures. The main kitchen lighting fixtures you should have are over the kitchen island, over the sink, and over a dinette that may be in the kitchen space. Mini pendants, mini chandeliers, island chandeliers, all are a great way to dress up your kitchen area and provide a good amount of light in the process. Using a light fixture over a sink area is also a way to bring more detail into the kitchen, rather than placing a boring recessed can over it and not getting any design elements. Dinette's are pretty self explanatory, chandeliers work great for those areas and there are literally thousands to choose from, just make sure it coordinates with the other kitchen light fixtures you've introduced.

The last area is under the kitchen cabinets. Make sure you don't leave that area untreated. Most likely you've spend hundreds or thousands on a gorgeous backsplash only to leave it dark? Please don't do that! Make sure that light those areas up with under counter lighting. In my experience the best type of under counter lighting to use is halogen or xenon. The color that is produced by these lamp types is very warm and inviting, while also providing more than adequate amounts of light. LED under counter lighting has come a long way and the colors are getting closer to warm incandescent light every year. However, they aren't there yet and I still prefer halogen and xenon. LED is a fantastic way to be energy conscious, they take hardly any power and can last for decades without changing bulbs. Really, you can't go wrong with anything you use, just make sure you use something under those cabinets.

And that's it! You now know how to properly light your kitchen area. If you have questions, please consult one our online lighting specialists.