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Turn to Kichler lighting for the most up to date looks in lighting and ceiling fans. They are a leader in keeping up with what is happening in the design industry and latest trends. With a wide variety of contemporary lighting to traditional lighting. You can not go wrong with any of their wide variety of lighting collections. If you have any questions or are looking for the best price. You can contact one of your friendly customer service reps at 1-866-561-5119

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About Kichler Lighting Fixtures
Since 1938 Kichler has been leading the lighting industry as one of it's most versatile and innovative manufacturers. With exceptional attention to both detail and functionality, they have successfully met the lighting demands of generations. You will find within Kichler's product lines, fixtures to fit every need both in and outside your home.
From Kichler's exterior lighting collection, you will find wall lanterns, hanging pendants and post lights available in traditonal, transitional, as well as contemporary designs. To accent your exterior spaces, an extensive line of imaginative and practical landscaping and architectural lighting, in low-voltage as well as line voltage, is also available.
For the builder, the designer, and the homeowner, Kichler has an impressive array of fixtures to satisfy every preference as well as spending plan.

Let your imagination run wild with landscape lighting. Far from the “airport runway” look of some landscape lighting products, Kichler’s products give you the ability to place light where you want it and need it the most.
Quality is priority with them. With both cast brass and cast aluminum, you will find path and accent lights to fit your needs and budget. Available in LED, 12v and 120v, you will find a large variety of choices in path and spread lights, pond lights, deck, patio, and step lights. The transformers are of stainless steel construction, built to last, with wattages from 300 to 1200 watts.

Landscape lighting has many uses, other than just esthetics. It also provides security for your home. Lighting walkways with path lights will protect your guests from tripping or falling.

Entertaining is made easier and more pleasant by creating outdoor rooms and lighting the landscape surrounding your spaces. They have some amazing accent pieces for your garden such as planters, chandeliers and even a handy barbeque light. Your yard and garden will be the talk of the neighborhood with the addition of fabulous landscape lighting from Kichler.

Wall sconces can add so much personality to your home. And they have every style of wall sconce that you can imagine. With more than 140 choices, you will no doubt find a sconce that will light up your wall and give your home that extra bit of charm that you have been searching for.
There are varied uses for wall sconces. Try placing a sconce on either side of a mirror in your entry. What a warm welcome for your guests! In a bathroom, sconces on either side of your mirror will give more even light for applying makeup. A theater room is enhanced by sconces, placed on dimmers to create a relaxing atmosphere. Place sconces along the wall in a hall or family room, to give a feeling of calm.
Kichler wall sconces are beautifully designed. You will find incredible styling in contemporary, traditional and transitional designs. These are available in a variety of finishes, including chrome, brushed nickel, antique pewter and various bronze finishes. The glass choices are exquisite, some with captivating art glass, cut and placed to create a quality piece of workmanship. Lovely shades and uncommon embellishments adorn other sconces, expertly chosen to enhance the style of the fixture. You will find there approach to lighting one that will satisfy the designer in you.

Pendant lighting or inverted pendant lighting as it’s sometimes known, refers to a bowl type glass light fixture that hangs from a rod or a chain. Pendant lighting has become very popular over the last 15 years for it’s unique look and indirect lighting capabilities. Pendants can be used in many different rooms and applications including; Entryway’s, dining rooms, great rooms or family rooms and dining rooms. Pendants come in a large variation of sizes from small to very large and every imaginable color, glass type, and style. They have a large selection of pendant lighting for every application. From sleek modern to elegant crystal traditional, from rustic style to simple contemporary. Pendant lighting is a great choice where glare is an issue. Because the light source is covered by a glass bowl on the bottom, the light is projected up and off of the ceiling, created a very subdued atmosphere, perfect for family rooms and entrance ways. Glass choices for pendant lighting is available in very simple styles like frosted white or alabaster but can be fun and whimsical like tiffany style or amber shades. Kichler pendant lighting is crafted with the utmost attention to detail and quality and will last for generations to come.

Kichler Lighting has been a pioneer in the under cabinet lighting world. They are an industry leader in LED technology and innovation. They also carry a large selection of other types of under cabinet lighting as well. Kichler’s line features, LED, Xenon and Halogen type light fixtures. The LED line, also known as Design Pro LED, is available in under cabinet fixtures in lengths of 6 inch, 12 inch and 18 inch. The are completely modular and can be hooked together to create custom lengths. Kichler’s Xenon line is available in lengths from 7 inch all the way up to 40 inches, are completely modular, or hardwired, and all of Kichler’s product comes in 3 finishes, Nickel, Bronze and White. Also available are puck lights in both halogen and LED. Kichler’s LED lighting is extremely low profile, only 1/2” thick, are extremely energy efficient with lamp life as long as 50,000 hours and they only use about 1 watt per diode. They only uses the best color rendering led’s to create a warm feel in whatever space you use them in. Whether it’s under cabinet to light up a countertop, or in glass cabinets to create a warm glow, or above cabinet to create a warm inviting mood, Kichler has the linear product that you’ve been searching for.

Your bathroom will impress with delightful vanity lights. Beautifully designed for every style of bathroom, you will be amazed at the array of fixtures that are available from this fashion forward company.
Your choice of lighting fixtures for your bathroom is a very important one. You must consider the length of the vanity and also the length of the mirror above it. Ideally, you want to choose a light that is a total of six inches shorter in length than the mirror, assuming that it is either square or rectangular. However with an oval mirror, your choice would most likely be a two-light fixture.
Olde Bronze, brushed nickel, chrome, tannery bronze and antique pewter are just a sampling of the finishes that are available in bathroom vanity fixtures, in sizes ranges from a two-light, to a six-light. If you are looking for a particular style, They have it all; crystal, traditional, contemporary, transitional, old world and urban modern. Kichler also has dressed their vanity lights with amazing glass shades, in fresh white, or mellow tinted glass.
From clean lines, to ornate accents, these fixtures will help you to capture the feeling that you want your home to convey; of comfort and serenity, the feeling of coming home.


The versatility of Kichler Lighting comes full circle in their exciting choices of chandeliers for 2012. With chandeliers of varying sizes and finishes in transitional, contemporary, traditional and modern, you are sure to find the ideal fixture to suit your style and space.

Kichler’s transitional styles are ideal for today’s more casual living spaces. Many of these chandeliers are influenced by European styles that reflect simple lines with striking accents. Brushed Nickel chandeliers with organza shades, rich dark bronze with burnished bronze accents, chrome with chunky crystal, pewter with art glass and cut stone are but a few of the exciting chandelier choices you will find.

Contemporary and modern fixtures are one of Kichler’s biggest sellers. With unrivaled designs and workmanship, you will find complete satisfaction with Kichlers products. Unique looks and quality materials in island fixtures, entry, dining and boutique chandeliers are what you will discover as you peruse the Kichler product line.

In a more traditional setting, you can find that fascinating play of light that only comes from crystal. But you won’t find tired styles with Kichler. Dazzling crystal accents are delightfully displayed in unconventional chandeliers.

Take time to check out all of the beautiful chandeliers by Kichler Lighting.

Flush mount lighting is exactly what it describes, a light fixture that is flush mounted to the ceiling. These types of light fixtures are used mainly in hallways, bedrooms, utility rooms, dens, offices, closets and pantries. Flush mounts are a very practical way to get good lighting into a room with minimum visibility. Flush mount lighting is a perfect way to make a distinct statement in any room. A huge range of product from every style category is available from Kichler, from the modern style of the 8880NI to the traditional and extremely affordable 8653TZ. Even though flush mount lighting is simple in nature, that doesn’t mean it has to be simple in design. Flush mount lighting can make just as big a statement as any chandelier.


Semi Flush lighting is a type of lighting that is very similar to flush mount lighting except that it hangs slightly down from the ceiling, creating a gap between the main fixture body and the ceiling. Semi flush lighting is wonderful in that you can put more wattage in small fixture since it’s not hugging the ceiling, holding in heat. Typically a flush mount light will take anywhere from 1-4 light bulbs, with a maximum wattage of 60 watts each. Semi Flush lighting typically takes the same 1-4 light bulbs but will take a maximum of 100 watts each. Quite a bit more light! Kichler has a wide variety of semi flush fixtures to choose from. Some of the colors available are brushed nickel, chrome, bronze, polished nickel, brass and tannery bronze. And all these are available in modern, traditional, rustic and transitional styles. Semi flush lights range in size from 16 inches wide to 24 inches wide and 8 to 16 inches tall. Glass choices come in every shape a size as well. From satin etched white to tiffany style colored glass, from amber to alabaster. You can be sure that they will have a semi flush lighting fixture to fit your home, style, budget and taste.