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You should always consult a trained and licensed electrician before attempting anything electrical.

  1. Un-box the chandelier; make sure you have all the parts before you begin.
  2. Assemble the chandelier; leave any glass or crystal off until later.
  3. Turn off the wall switch to the chandelier you are replacing.
  4. Turn off the breaker in the breaker box to that circuit, just in case.
  5. To determine how much chain will be required you first need to determine the height at which the chandelier will hang. Generally speaking, a chandelier will hang 30-36” above the surface of a dining room table, and 10-12’ above the floor for an entry way.
  6. Measure from the floor to where you would like the bottom of the chandelier to hang.
  7. Measure the height of the ceiling (floor to ceiling).
  8. Subtract the measurement in step 6 from the total height of the ceiling, step 7, and you have the total height that the chandelier needs to be, chain included. *For example; if your ceiling height is 96” and you want the bottom of the chandelier to be 60” from the floor, the total height of the chandelier including chain and canopy would be 36”.
  9. Attach the chain to the chandeliers’ top loop. Use pliers to spread open and close the links. Tip: use a cloth or rag to cover the ends of the pliers so you don’t scratch the paint on the chain.
  10. Measure from the bottom of the chandelier up the chain until you reach the measurement from step 8.
  11. Subtract 1-2 links to accommodate the canopy and fixture loop. Open that link with pliers and attach to the fixture loop. Close the chain link with pliers.
  12. Screw the canopy ring onto the fixture loop and attach the canopy
  13. Screw the threaded rod into the top of the fixture loop, secure with nut.
  14. Screw the mounting bracket onto the threaded pipe. Tip: Screw the mounting bracket down so that it’s level with the top of the canopy. Then use the provided nuts to secure the bracket in place on the threaded pipe.
  15. Weave the fixture wire and ground cable thru the chain up thru the fixture loop and out the top of the threaded pipe.
  16. Cut the wires; leave about 12” of extra wire.
  17. Loosen the canopy ring and let the ring and canopy fall down the chain, leaving the fixture loop and bracket exposed.
  18. Have someone hold the chandelier below you while you attach the mounting bracket to the electrical box with the screws provided.
  19. Attach one of the main wires from the chandelier to the black wire coming out of the box. Attach the other wire to the white wire coming out of the box.
  20. Wrap the ground wire from the chandelier around the grounding screw on the mounting bracket, leave 6-10”.
  21. Attach the end of the ground cable to the ground cable in the electrical box.
  22. Gently push all wires up inside of the electrical box.
  23. Slide the canopy and ring up the chain and attach to the fixture loop.
  24. Install any glass, crystal chandelier or other parts you may have left off for installation, and light bulbs.
  25. Turn on your beautiful new chandelier from
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