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Selecting ceiling lighting for a room can seem like an insurmountable task when one looks at the vast amount of ceiling lights that are available. But it's not as difficult as it may seem if you learn what types of options there are. Knowing this can make things a whole lot more clear when it comes to making the right choices. Let's take a look at the particular types of fixtures that can be used for various purposes in a room.

First of all, there are basic flush mount ceiling lights. These are ceiling lights that are directly mounted flush to the ceiling. This type of fixture is ideal for low clearance rooms, a room with a ceiling that is eight foot or below. These come in all décor styles and various sizes, and are a great choice for the general lighting of a room and setting your lighting design.

Next, are semi flush mount lights. These are generally a bit larger and more decorative. This type of lighting is ambient, giving a room a warm glow that is inviting. They are likewise mounted to the ceiling, the difference being that a rod separates the main body of the fixture by between 4”- 8 from the canopy mounting to the top of the fixture. A semi flush mount will hang down into the room anywhere from about ten inches to sixteen inches or more. To use this type of ceiling lighting, the room would need to have a ceiling height above eight feet.

From that point on the possibilities for ceiling lighting fixtures are endless! There are different sizes of chandeliers, pendants, island or billiard lights, all depending upon the room size, use, and your personal style. One of the most important things you need to keep in mind as you study out what type of ceiling lighting to use for each room is the size of the ceiling fixtures itself. To keep proper balance with the room size and furnishings, choose a fixture that harmonizes with your space. You wouldn't want to make the mistake of choosing a piece that is too small for the area, or a piece that is overwhelming.

Another item to keep in mind is the importance of balance of light. Ceiling lighting that under lights a space is uncomfortable and can create dark corners. Consider the room size when determining your ceiling lighting needs, using the following formula for deciding how much wattage is needed: Width x Length x 1.5= the watts needed for proper lighting. Armed with this knowledge of ceiling lighting you can now start shopping!